Velour Shop Design

Velour Clothing Exchange, founded by Myra Miller, is Calgary’s first dedicated buy/sell/trade clothing store. Formerly The Front Porch, Velour builds on its reputation for carrying thoughtfully curated, hand-picked collection of men’s and women’s, clothing and accessories. The store specializes in wearable 60s – 90s vintage and on-trend clothing.

For Velour’s grand opening I was asked to create some simple and stylish display items for the store consisting of a front desk, tables, display cubes and clothing racks. The plywood displays were accented with charred plywood, found glass and hardware.

LOCATION:  200-1022 17th Ave S.W , Calgary Alberta

FABRICATION:  Lane Shordee

MATERIALS: Plywood (Raw and Burnt), Repurposed Hardware and Glass

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