While We Wait

Behind Marlbourough Mall on Marlbourough Way in the NorthEast of Calgary sat a lonely bus stop with a single bench … More

After Image

Written by Caitlind r.c. Brown After Image is a growing sculpture at cSPACE King Edward in Calgary, located in the public park outside … More

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

First conceived in response to a Call for Public Art in 2016, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow is a site-specific art installation visualizing the complex passage of time as it relates to the historic King Edward School in Calgary.


Corridor is a project that combines building and painting, creating a unique experience in a forgotten space. Through the manipulation of texture, colour and form, the work is designed to activate the under bridge area of the section of 9th avenue in Calgary, Alberta.


This functional artwork, is located at the CPAA (Cerebral Palsy Association In Alberta), built to respond to the needs of the clients and employees to build a stronger relationship with their neighbours and create stronger ties to their community.

Without Eyes

Without Eyes was a collaborative performance conceived by Lane Shordee, Nikki Martens, and Caitlind r.c. Brown for M:ST Performance Art Festival in Calgary. 8 Readers sat in a 30’ diameter circle in Riley Park, Calgary. Each performer read The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (by Roald Dahl) aloud into a large, low-fi megaphone, crafted from re-appropriated civic materials, a performance lasting 3.5 hours in duration.

In the Belly of the Bear

In the Belly of a Bear is a 15-ft diameter wooden sculpture designed in collaboration with Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett. Set into the sand along the beach of Lake Ontario for the duration of Winter Stations (Feb 15 – March 18, 2015), the design was one winner of an international Design Competition challenging architects, designers, and artists from around the world to re-imagine the Lifeguard towers on the beach of Toronto.

Atom Smash

Utilizing various electronic devices, light bulbs and scrap materials, Lane Shordee brings his love of scavenging objects and unusual spaces to his current light installation for Sled Island: Atomic Smash. Inspired by the data collected by large hadron colliders, Atomic Smash gives viewers a front row seat to the explosive event of atoms smashing together.

With Sprinkles

This collaborative project with Desiree Nault, was a temporary installation made for Demo Tape, the third project from the Wreck City collective. The show took the abandoned Penguin Carwash and transformed into a multi-artist show. Our project was meant to draw people in like a Lighhouse, or a lone light at the end of a tunnel. Its sultry voice, like Homers Sirens, draws wanderers near only to remind them of an impending destruction.

Bench Train

This project was a collaboration with The Anonymous Bench Builders, who build benches and place them around calgary. In this version we built benches on wheels specifically for the ContainR site in Calgary. Giving patrons freedom to move them around into different arrangements with ease.

Play On Wheels

Play On Wheels is a collaborative project with Alia Shahab, Ivan Ostepenko, Joanne MacDonald and in association with Antyx Community Arts, Aspen, a team of youth in Greater Forest Lawn (GFL) community to create of a PLAYGROUND on Wheels. Using salvaged materials we transformed a 16-foot long 4-horse trailer into Greater Forest Lawn’s own portable play pavilion. Play on Wheels is a collaborative project that engaged the community through arts, play, exploration and interaction.

Water Spiral

This collaboration with Michelena Bamford called The Water Spiral, utilized items collected at the Wildwood Community Cleanup to create a kinetic sculpture that acts as a functional point of interest in the community garden. The process of making the sculpture provided opportunity for dialogue, inquiry, and education around garbage, recycling, and our societal views of beauty and management of these materials.

Don’t Touch the Lights; Don’t put Holes in the Wall

This work called Don’t Touch the Lights; Don’t Put Holes in the Wall (DTLDHW) was part of a group show that was given a challenge to work with a shipping container. It was shown in a gallery called Truck Contemporary Gallery in Calgary. DTLDHW was an experiment to see what it would look like to transform an object and include the byproducts of that transformation, creating a balancing act of beauty and the abject.


Waterways was a sculptural installation that was intended to commemorate the June flood in Calgary, and to highlight the resilience and strength of the community. It was our way of exploring the power and effects of water, responding to catastrophe with creativity, and creating an environment for contemplative reflection.

The Greenhouse

Wreck City became a phenomenea in calgary as a roaming exhibition that would utilize pre-demolition buildings as platforms for artist collaboration and experimentation. The greenhouse one of the installations on their inaugural Wreck City. The greenhosue became a project of transformation; from a neglected, soon to be demolished greenhouse in Calgary to a temporary installation that would see thousands of visitors in its last days.

Space Bunker

Space Bunker was a collaboration between Caitlind r.c. Brown and myself. As part of a group show, Caitlind and I chose a small nook in the back of the gallery, that usually gets ignored, and created a viewing room in it, that gave the viewers and experience of being under the stars and looking out through a telescope that was pointed at a swirling planet of unknown origin. The sitter could close the door behind them and escape to this other place for a moment of your day.

Cloud Stage

During Sled Island 2012, Caitlind r.c Brown, Wayne Garrett, and myself were asked to design a stage at the Republik Night Club in Calgary. Taking our mutual interest in clouds and thunderbolts, we created a Cloud Stage that was used by various bands during the festival.

Hello Neighbour!: The Big Bang

The Big Bang was a contend-um to the Hello Neighbour! show at Pith Gallery Calgary. As part of this pioneer-inspired installation, I created a working shotgun based on a shotgun shell that I found in the garage that I was working in during the show. The shotgun represented the universe during the big bang, creating an explosion of elements, and the result was an always shifting and changing pattern that would be almost impossible to replicate. The result was captured on a piece of grid paper that was in the range of the shotgun test.

Hello Neighbour!

During Calgary Stampede 2012, Hello Neighbour! was a show was a pioneer-inspired collection of works from a full sized carriage made from scraps to a home built shotgun.

Kitchen Whirlpool

In this project curated by Caitlind Brown, 8 artists including myself took on the task of transforming a local, soon to be demolished, house in Calgary. My installation consisted of a transformed kitchen into a whirlpool that circulated water through a rickshaw bicycle contraption in the basement. The system was based on an archimedes screw pump design that moves water up a small incline, acting as well as a water filter. All the materials were found in the house and re-appropriated to create a two story installation open to public interaction and discussion about the possibilities of art and home.