Play On Wheels

Antyx Community Arts and Aspen is working with a team of youth, artists, and the Greater Forest Lawn (GFL) community in the creation of a PLAYGROUND on Wheels. Using salvaged materials we will transform a 16-foot long 4-horse trailer into Greater Forest Lawn’s own portable play pavilion. Play on Wheels is a collaborative project that will engage the community through arts, play, exploration and interaction.

Artist and Antyx Facilitator, Alia Shahab is collaborating with local artists Lane Shordee, Ivan Ostapenko, Joanne MacDonald, and up to 12 youth to engage Greater Forest Lawn through this collaborative community process. Through brainstorming sessions and workshops we will explore ideas around: the significance of play, adapting the typical ‘playground’ to increase engagement, community connections, interactions that create connection, and play as a cultivator of connection in the diverse GFL community. The youth and artists will then take the lead in transforming these ideas into tangible and physical interactive components which we will build into the trailer over three weeks in August.

This process is designed to encourage community participation, creative collaboration, and mentorship in order to build connections within the GFL community, and between GFL and the greater community of Calgary. The completed work will be launched through a reveal and celebration at the ART BOX on 17e, then transported to BEAKERHEAD Festivals Little Big Street in September, where it will be accessible to a larger audience and embody the creative, playful, and community spirit of Greater Forest Lawn.

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