Water Spiral

The Water Spiral project utilized items collected at the Wildwood Community Cleanup to create a kinetic sculpture that acts as a functional point of interest in the community garden. The process of making the sculpture provided opportunity for dialogue, inquiry, and education around garbage, recycling, and our societal views of beauty and management of these materials.

Throughout its almost 60 years, Wildwood has built its community hall and surrounding area to provide special spaces for gathering, gardening and engagement for its residents. Multiple patrons from diverse demographics include: tennis and hockey players, painting clubs, the community play school and elementary, yoga groups, musicians, seniors, and many more.

Our permaculturists who designed the garden brought with them, guiding principles of Earth Care, People Care, and Fair Share. This was another beautiful contribution, in line with the history and intent of decades of residents that have worked tirelessly to make Wildwood one of the most enjoyable, healthy, and desirable neighbourhoods in the city.

We organized this project to include direct participation and leadership opportunities from members of the Wildwood community. A volunteer committee was a great help to us, gathering and organizing materials the day of that event. An onsite, open studio space for the fabrication of the sculpture provided continual observation and engagement with the community and offered them the chance to step forth and help in production via an open workshop opportunity.

This sculpture will have a historic and irreverent presence to many people and water is a natural magnet for people of all ages, geographies and demographics. It will be a valuable educational tool providing ongoing kinetic stimulation and engagement into the future. We believe the Water Spiral project will engage ad create a sense of ownership, beauty and education invaluable to the neighbourhood and its outreach to other Calgary neighbourhoods looking to connect art, the environment and community.

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