In collaboration with Joanne MacDonald, the Public Art Board and The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (CPAA). The project was selected as the winning project for the 2015 Artists Working in Community professional development series funded by The City of Calgary. The project was intended to create an inclusive environment that helps bring awareness to the work done at the CPAA, and the lives of those affected by Cerebral Palsy.

The public artwork is titled Marquee, an exterior gathering space and signboard on the front lawn area of the CPAA building. The 16-foot circular deck is a space for members to assemble for activities and programming like gardening, art workshops, music and other kinaesthetic exercises. The deck has a pathway and ramp access for wheelchairs. It also has a floating bench for seating supported by 4-inch steel pipes. The steel pipes also function as planters, housing butterfly attracting plants, a symbol of the CPAA.

The space features a large marquee that serves as a platform for the CPAA clients to share thoughts, feelings, messages, jokes, and facts about living with Cerebral Palsy, thereby engaging and educating the community at large.


ARTISTS + DESIGNERS:   Lane Shordee, Joanne MacDonald

COMMISSIONED BY:  City of Calgary

PRIMARY FABRICATION:  Lane Shordee, Joanne MacDonald

PHOTOGRAPHER:  Jessica Whitman

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