Written by Geneviève Paré

River is an interdisciplinary puppet theatre production, which seeks to charge a new level of meaning and connection with the Bow River. Through puppetry and live music, Mudfoot Theatre is adventuring to tell a bold and intimate story informed by the historical, environmental and mythical significance of the Bow River.  We are collaborating with a kaleidoscope of cultural influences to construct a tale which is raw, rugged, whimsical and identifiably Albertan.

The Bow River is a critical lifeline for the province, providing us with clean drinking water, irrigation for agriculture, hydroelectric power and habitat for wildlife. It can be both beautiful and treacherous. It is a symbol of home for many southern Albertans, and in the wake of the 2013 flood, this community holds even greater reverence to the destructive and also unifying power of the Bow River.
Through our puppet myth, River will carry its audience along on a journey, which follows the life story of the Bow River, including its birth and its death. River will address our timeless bond to our natural waterways and the ever-growing need to connect with, and protect them.


WRITTEN BY:   Geneviève Paré and Ian McFarlane

DIRECTED BY:   Lindsey Zess-Funk

COMPOSER:   Jesse Plessis

DESIGNER:   Lane Shordee

PERFORMERS:   Ali DeRegt, Ian McFarlane, Geneviève Paré


FUNDED BY:  Alberta Foundation for the Arts, Calgary Arts Development


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