Mudfoot Theatre: River

River tells the heart-breaking story of the Bow River including its birth and its death by blending two interpretations of its history. We draw from the written accounts of David Thompson (1770-1857) and his adventures by canoe into the Albertan foothills, and pair them with a deadly mythical love triangle between the Bow glacier, a beckoning star and a Trickster. Scoring our puppet myth will be an original score performed live by pianist virtuoso Jesse Plessis.

David Thompson’s impact on the Canadian cultural landscape runs deep. He may have been a conduit for the spread of smallpox, and the near extinction of the beaver; but he was also a thoughtful observer, a resourceful survivor, and a friend to many whom he traded with. He was referred to by some as “The Starman”, rumoured to have been able to read the future from the stars.

With this project, Mudfoot theatre seeks to find ground for the floating western Canadian identity to place its feet. Inspired by the rugged, wild and heavily charged days of early European exploration, and the omnipotent magic of cross-cultural myth, we aim to tell a story that is identifiably Albertan.

Mudfoot theatre will be presenting a shorter workshop performance of River at the end of March at the Calgary One-Act Play Festival. The feedback from this performance will inform the expansion and development of the show. A Calgary premiere of the full production be presented in the spring of 2016.

Mudfoot Theatre is a creation-based theatre company committed to presenting contemporary folk narratives through the naked mechanics of live theatre. We are an independent, Calgary-based company under the artistic direction of Geneviève Paré and Ian McFarlane. We work collaboratively with inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural artists to uncover captivating performances with the help of humble magic. Riverwill be our newest original work since,The Hudson Bay Epic, which recently completed a knock out tour of Fringe Festivals across Western Canada.

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