Don’t Touch the Lights; Don’t put Holes in the Wall

This work called Don’t Touch the Lights; Don’t put Holes in the Wall (DTLDHW) was part of a group show that was given a challenge to work with a shipping container. The gallery was Truck Contemporary Gallery in Calgary. At the time, this would be the first show in a newly renovated space, so I decided to tread lightly in respect for the people that just finished giving everything such a fresh look. I told myself that I would not put holes in the wall and not to touch the lights. I set out to create an archway that would span the distance of the walls with the objective to go over the light fixture, hence keeping with the rules. The other aspect was to keep the whole of the shipping crate in the work, all the way down to the sawdust. To me it represents the real dilhemma in modern cities on what do they do with all the waste that we create. This was an expieriment to see what it would look like to have all that waste exposed, and treated with respect. This sculpture was a balancing act with materials, but also with making the process’, struggles, and waste, seem integrated back into the sculpture.

Materials: 1 wooden shipping container, ghetto blaster, tape-measure, jars, broom

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