Velour: Furniture Design

Velour Clothing Exchange, founded by Myra Miller, is Calgary’s first dedicated buy/sell/trade clothing store. Formerly The Front Porch, Velour builds on its reputation for carrying thoughtfully curated, hand-picked collection of men’s and women’s, clothing and accessories. The store specializes in wearable 60s – 90s vintage and on-trend clothing. For Velour’s grand opening I was asked to create […]

Smith’s Outdoor Cabinet

Outdoor cabinet made with materials found in the Smith’s backyard, including old doors, cedar, plywood.

Iron Fish Sculpture

One night exhibition using Lucky Iron Fish to create a kinetic sculpture for Beakerhead 2016.

Frosst Books Signage

This sign was made for a bookstore called Frosst Books in the old Bottle Depot building on historic 9th Ave in Inglewood, Calgary. It was connected to the Pith Gallery and Studios project that had transformed the derelict building into a vibrant stop in Calgary’s art community. Frosst Books featured a unique selection of books on Art, Design and Architecture; drawings and prints from local artists; artist books and zines. The gallery and bookstore no longer exist, but this shows the legacy of an artist run center that had a reputation for showing great art, and providing space for artists to work.