Kitchen Whirlpool

In this project curated by Caitlind Brown, 8 artists including myself, took on the task of transforming a local, soon to be demolished, house in Calgary. My installation consisted of a transformed kitchen into a whirlpool that circulated water through a rickshaw bicycle contraption in the basement. The system was based on an archimedes screw pump design that moves water up a small incline, which also acts as a water filter. All the materials were found in the house and re-appropriated to create a two story installation open to public interaction and discussion about the possibilities of art and home.


“The House Project is a one-time only group installation featuring 8 artists with an interest in re-appropriated, transformative and re-imagined spaces. Based out of a small home in Kensington, Calgary (229-10A street NW). At the end of the project, the house will be knocked down and all the art inside demolished with it.

With this in mind, the pieces inside will be fashioned either from garbage, found materials and re-appropriated trash, or by ripping apart and using the house itself. Each room of the house will be treated by a different artist, along with the exterior of the house, culminating into into a collective installation.

The House Project features Andrew Frosst, Caitlind r.c. Brown, Daniel Kirk, Ian Ward, John Frosst, Lane Shordee, Lauren Simms, and Wayne Garrett. The artists will be building and creating work inside the space throughout August 2011, methodically transforming the space, inside and out – a lesson in reducing, reusing and recycling spaces!

On a broader level, this is a community project about interpretations of home, whatever that means, be it architectural, personal, historical, familial or entirely fantastic. Home is where the Heart Is: The Origin of The House Project Instigated as a wedding gift for Sara Simpson and John Johnston, a local couple who recently purchased 229-10A street with the intention of building a new home, the demolishment of the house serves as a sort of metaphorical champagne bottle smashed over the helm of the couple’s new life. The project itself was initiated by Sara and John’s brand new neighbours (and long-time friends) Ashley Bristowe and Chris Turner. Many thanks to all four for being so awesome!”

-Caitlind Brown (Curator)

The House Project archives

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