Corridor was a collaborative public/permanent project with Daniel J. Kirk with the intention to activate the under bridge area of the section of 9th Avenue on the Southside, under the CPR rail bridge and Blackfoot Trail underpass. The work will help to redefine a dark, forgotten space through the manipulation of texture, colour and form. The journey along the underpass will begin with vertical bars of colour, painted directly onto the concrete abutment wall. As one continues their journey, the work will begin to present the illusion that the wall is rippled, reminiscent of the texture of old train cargo cars. This textured surface will be focused towards an epicenter, under the CPR bridge and radiating outwards in either direction. The textured surface will dissipate and eventually the colour will fade back to the concrete wall on either end of the work. The textured surface will be made out of corrugated forms of plywood and other material. The material will be gathered and salvaged as much as possible from the Inglewood Community and area, becoming an amalgamation of local influences. By incorporating signs, various recognizable and unidentifiable materials amongst the plywood, we will create an aesthetic that is unique to the area and has an immediate connection to the community at large.

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